Why fingerprints get rejected?
Fingerprints will and can be rejected for several reasons. The most common are characteristics with the Applicant's fingerprints that makes them difficult to capture. This would include wear of the surface skin, cuts, cracks, scars, calluses and other skin conditions. Fingernails; extremely long or curved fingernails may prevent the fingers from properly contacting the printing platen and may need trimming. Bandaged or Injured Fingers; applicants may need to reschedule their appointment until the injured or bandaged finger can be printed. If an Applicant's fingerprints are rejected on this basis, the originating Live Scan agency should re-take the Applicant's fingerprints at no additional cost. An Applicant's application for Live Scan service may also be rejected if the Applicant's BCII 8016 form is incomplete or improperly filled out. In this instance, a fee would be charged to the Applicant to provide them with repeated Live Scan service. It is important that the Application for Live Scan form BCII 8016 is complete and accurate when presented to the Live Scan technician for service.
If I received a letter that my prints have been rejected, what I have to do? Bring your letter of rejection from the agency that sent it. This letter contains your original ATI number which is necessary for resubmission.
If my prints are rejected would I be required to pay additional fees? Depends on who did your live scan. If we did your live scan fingerprinting, we re-take your fingerprints at no additional cost. If other live scan service did your live scan fingerprinting you have to pay our rolling fee.